From leather bags to an initiative to clean our oceans from plastics. That might seem far away from each other, but it is less then you think.

Our brandname comes from the Goddess of the Sea, called Sedna. We developed a special series of bags called the Sedna Bluebags series. These bags all come with a blue and waterproof lining inside.  Sedna bags are well build and durable if you threat them properly. They will even get more beautiful in time by just using it. Our slogan "Bags for life" has two meanings. First the duarability of a leather bag and second the fact that we support The Ocean Cleanup"  Without water, there is no life, that's why it is in all of our interest to take better care of our oceans and water in general.

Although a leather bag is durable from itself, the process behind it can be poluting for the environment. We try to use, as much as possible, vegetable tanned leather, so no chemicals will be used in the tanneries. We have minimalized the use of plastics when it comes to our own packaging. All our bags are delivered in a blue cotton dust bag. 

If you buy a Sedna bag we will donate a part of our profit to The Ocean Cleanup. If you want to donate yourself or want to know more about this initiative, please click on the link below: