New Model Slingbag

New Model Slingbag

With the year 2020 in front of us, we have already started developing small leather bags for next summer. One of the new designs we already can share with you, is our new slingbag Montana. Slingbags, or crossbody bags as you like, are very populair. These kind of bags are extremly handy as you can use them as a backpack or shoulderbag. Very practical for all the small stuff you want to carry with you at moments when a bigger size bag is not really needed.

Our new model slingbag is called Montana and will be around 30 cm long with a 115 cm adjustalbe shoulderstrap. It is made of a high quality buffalo leather. We expect a salesprice of less then 80 euro and first shipment should arrive already in january/february 2020. 

Click here to see all our slingbag models.



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