100% Safe Payments on our website

Our complete website is protected through SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means all information between our server and your device is encrypted and safe to use. You can easily regonize any website that is protected with SSL as the URL adress starts with https:// instead of https://. Second, you will see the icon of a closed padlock at the beginning of the URL.

Payments by Pay.nl

For payments on our website sednabags.com we use the services of a payment provider called Pay.nl. Your payment is done to Pay.nl on behalf of Sednabags.com (WJ Benelux). Payments done to Pay.nl are protected by SSL encription.

We have activated below payment options through Pay.nl:


Payment after receivement of your order (NL only)

If you would like to pay after you have recieved your order, you can choose the option Billink during your check-out. Billink will run a direct check on your account, so there is no delay in your order process. If your order is approved you will receive an invoice from Billink with a payment term of 14 days. The limit for Billink orders is 250 euro per customer and only valid for customers who are living in the Netherlands. There are no additional costs for using this payment option. If you want to know more about Billink, please visit their website for all details: https://billink.nl

If you want to know more about all services from Pay.nl you can visit the Pay.nl website by clicking on the link below: 


Payments by PayPal (including credit card payments)

Our website offers you the possibility to pay your order with Paypal. This is possible if you already have a Paypal account. You can also use Paypal if you want to pay by creditcard. You don't need a Paypal account for this option. All payments done by Paypal are secured and protected by SSL encription.

If you would like to have more information about Paypal please click on the link below: