Join us and become our reseller

Our concept is fair, easy and succesfull from day one. We are manufacturer of high quality leather products and we have managed so far to keep our prices stlll very affordable. Every Sedna product should be best in class when it comes to quality and price.

Thanks to our long existing partnership with our factory in India, we are flexible in creating new designs, keeping our lead-times short and our stock low. Our own profits are lower then standard in this industry, therefore our prices are very competitive compared with other brands. 

Our sales strategy is multichannel, which means we sell our products direct and indirect to endusers. For the indirect channel we are always interested in finding new partners who wants to join in our growth and share in our succes. If you have a store or a website where you can sell our products in the right way, please get in touch with us. We are able to support you with a good margin structure and can even provide you with drop-shipments to your enduser.

We made the on-boarding process very easy. You can register your company by creating a customer account on our website. After your registration we will validate your request and inform you about the status of your account. If validation is approved, you can easily order your Sedna products through this website.

If you have questions left, don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by mail - info@sednabags.com- or give us a call on +31 36 8483998. Our company is located in The Netherlands, we speak Dutch, German and English.